Airpark Hours of Operation:

Michell Airpark is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 9 PM or dusk, to members of VRCMS and their guests when accompanied by the member.  No night flying is permitted at Michell Airpark.

Flying when field workers are working in fields adjacent to Michell Airpark is strictly prohibited. Flyers are encouraged to use spotters to let them know when workers enter the adjacent fields and land at once. The only exception to this rule are small aircraft (namely electric foamy planes) are permitted to fly directly above the runway.

Fly Zone:

The Danica Nurseries East field, directly to the South of Michell field requires that no aircraft fly over the cleared portion but that we can make approaches and take-offs (but no aerobatics) over the treed portion.

In keeping with the above agreement, the “No-Fly Zone” over Danica’s cleared land is strictly enforced. Members taking off and landing will do so without encroaching on the property. This requires the base leg of landing approaches from the south be in-line with the southern most flight box. Take-offs to the south will require an immediate turn to the east upon breaking ground. Flying outside of this box will not be tolerated.

If you are unsure, please have a safety committee member brief you on this layout prior to flying.